Target groups

The ECC is fit for all organizations and businesses, which are interested in further developing their respective competence profile and therefore build the foundation for a long-term innovation and business success. The Check is as suitable for small and medium sized firms as it is for larger companies and corporations. Furthermore, the concept was developed with both production industry and service providers in mind and thus, will be applicable to either form.

Moreover, the ECC is an instrument for consultants and enables them a structured entry to new consulting projects. The ease of use, the comprehensive content-related design and the methodical foundation of the Check allow for a structured, high-quality, customer-individual and problem-solving solution. The consultant is relieved from the creation of project reports and graphics by a comprehensive range of automated evaluation tools, providing both text and visual evaluation. Further, it is possible to do consecutive time series analysis and interpret results with the help of industry and regional benchmarks.

In addition, it is possible to use the ECC in didactics and research.

Fields of application