Steinbeis Consulting Study 2016 with the Junior Chamber BW

29th June 2016

Mario Schnurr, member of the regional executive of the Junior Chamber Baden-Wuerttemberg (JC BW) – department entrepreneurship about the Steinbeis Study “Comparative competence analysis and strategic competence development” in cooperation with the JC BW:
“One who wants to successfully lead his own business, must have the knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses. Indeed we believe that this is a critical factor. Markets shift with an accelerating speed and it is important to identify, where possibilities can emerge and how to deal with weaknesses and resultant risks.
Thus we as the regional executive in Baden-Wuerttemberg had the wish, to give our members a systematic overview of the competences of the businesses in our network. Thereby the foundation for the study which we did in cooperation with Steinbeis and their ECC was set. In the study we analyze the specific strengths and weaknesses of our members’ businesses, to then derive recommendations of action for those businesses as well as for the politics.
Besides the classical focuses of the Junior Chamber International, like work-life-balance, the study takes different topics into account such as the growing digitalization and the increased networking. Also, the currently much debated so called forth industrial revolution is subject of the study, measuring how “fit” our members businesses are in regard to industry 4.0. Businesses face further drastic changes, due to the demographic change, which effects and resulting challenges are also taken into account in our study under the heading of war for talents.
We hope we can contribute with our study, that our members pay even more attention to their businesses strengths and weaknesses. The high participation rate shows us, that our members are interested and motivated to successfully place their businesses at the market with their specific competences in mind. We hope for the politics to create therefore required conditions. Only in this way Germanys and especially Baden-Wuerttembergs position as a business locations can defended.”
Mario Schnurr
Member of the Junior Chamber Baden-Wuerttemberg, Resort entrepreneurship

Latest ECC information for download

04th May 2016

Due to the high demand of ECC related media, we will publish them online from now on. The materials are also physical available. Don’t hesitate to contact us if need you need one of the following media:

Steinbeis Consulting Day 2014

11th August 2015

In the course of the Steinbeis Consulting Day on 03rd July 2014 the subject of enterprise competences was looked at from different angles.
The event took the approach, to look at enterprise competences from a scientific perspective as well as from a practical and consultancy perspective. The first block the subject enterprise competences was introduced and defined. An overview of current debates were given. The subject of competence management in different functional areas was discussed critically in short speeches. The second block of the event made the measurement and analysis of enterprise competences a subject of discussion as well as the Steinbeis ECC. In the third and last block the subject of enterprise competences was discussed again by experts in an interactive panel discussion.
Here you can find Dr. Michael Ortiz’ contribution, titled: “Organisationale Fähigkeiten und ganzheitliche Kompetenzmessung: Der Steinbeis Unternehmens-Kompetenzcheck”, as well as the complete conference transcript.

03rd July 2014

Also published for the Steinbeis Consulting Day 2014 is the Steinbeis Consulting Study 2014 “Organisationale Fähigkeiten und ganzheitliche Kompetenzmessung.”
Dr. Michael Ortiz and Katharina Maurer discuss the essential project milestones of the development of the ECC, the central elements of the concept as well as the methodical background of the Check. They further present the results of two pre-test phases and their latest empirical study with the Check, which documents the practical use and potential of the ECC.
Here you can find the Steinbeis Consulting Study “Organisationale Fähigkeiten und ganzheitliche Kompetenzmessung” authored by Dr. Michael Ortiz and Katharina Maurer.